Primal Quest Adventure Race Welcomes Team California Warrior

Glaciers, kayaks, mountain bikes, rock climbing — OH, MY! Four members of your California Military Department to proudly represent your Golden State as they navigate 300km of rugged Canadian terrain over five days at the 8th edition of North America's most prestigious adventure race, Primal Quest, September 6 through 12, 2018.

"We are thrilled to have team California Warrior join us!", said Maria Burton, Primal Quest CEO, who added a new, shorter version to the Primal Quest adventure race lineup for 2018. "We know that adding the Primal Quest PURSUIT 5-day race will allow far more new people to come experience this life transforming adventure and are confident we can hep them all succeed." The full length, Primal Quest PURE adventure race, is 500km and can last up to 10 days.

Team California Warrior includes Keegan Smith, Robert Killian, Chloe Romero, and Allison Hsieh —all proud Californians and members of the California Military Department's California National Guard. Team California Warrior's members are spread across the state and have different backgrounds in sports competition including ultra running, water polo, marathon, and adventure obstacle course racing. While this will be their first competition as a team, their proven tenacity, tactical fitness and Soldiering skills will give them a unique edge against other competing teams. 

“We are always looking for California’s best, and I believe this well rounded group of military Service member athletes can excel at this challenging ultra event. Their collective grit and experience, paired with their adventurous spirit and team determination, are a perfect recipe for success,” said Joe Garcia, the coach and brains behind the California Military Department’s elite athlete program. Joe says he looks for talent in civilians and military who trail race or navigate obstacles in the public annual California Warrior Experience held on Camp San Luis Obispo each March, and in other endurance events across the country. 

As members of the California Military Department, these team members are part-time Soldiers and full-time Californians. Stay tuned as we profile each member and ask what makes them a #CaliforniaWarrior while on duty serving California, and while off duty as proud members of the civilian communities they call home.