Thank you Foundation for helping me fix my "unfit for use" plumbing system - it was a huge stress relief!

By Michael Howard, Grant Recipient

A huge thank you to the California Military Department Foundation for their gracious donation which provided the means to replace my household plumbing system.  The stress and depression associated with my plumbing issue was immediately lifted once I received confirmation that I was approved for the relief fund.

A flawed VA home pre-purchase inspection did not capture nor annotate that my plumbing was on the verge of failing.  No later than a year after purchasing my home, both bathrooms were deemed unfit for use. 

This left my family without a means to take care of our personal hygiene.  Needless to say, we became overnight experts on field sanitation and had to resort to means intended for hiking in the mountains.  However, this was short-lived once the contractor was hired to repair my plumbing.  My family and I grateful for the assistance we received; it allowed us to redirect our focus on work and our family and not the burden of major home repair."