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Uniforms don’t make warriors.

Service with purpose does.


A fresh, inspired military for California

Celebrating Your Community; Serving Your Interests

Your California Military Department

A Force BUILT on California Values

Before you thank us for our service…

Do you volunteer with a community-focused service organization? Donate to a California non-profit? If so, thank you for YOUR service. You have more in common with your California Military Department than you may think! California is exceptional because of her uncompromising values and citizenry of cultural trendsetters with the courage solve grave problems in our own way.

Imagine what we can do together

Start by imagining what your military can do for you. But if the only images that flood your mind are of tanks and beach invasions, please, keep reading….

California is different and so is her military. Education, diversity, climate, and homelessness are modern issues threatening our Golden State. Shoulder-to-shoulder, guided by shared values, people in your community have realized an ally: a fresh, inspired military fighting to keep California at her best.

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let’s make California better together
— Your California Military Department Foundation

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