California Warrior - Team Next Level

Become a #CaliforniaWarrior at the California Warrior Experience hosted by the California Military Department Foundation and produced by Race SLO on March 24, 2018. We'd also love to hear your #CaliforniaWarrior story - submit it today at


Team Next Level is part of The Camp Transformation Center in Santa Maria, CA just south of Camp San Luis Obispo. Below is Team Next Level's #CaliforniaWarrior story courtesy of Nicole Barbosa...

I work the front desk at The Camp Transformation Center in Santa Maria, CA. The Camp is a gym that is known for our 6 week challenges to help people lose 20lbs or 5% body fat. We give our challengers the tools, support and constant motivation they need to change their lives and live a healthy active lifestyle. I myself have gone through a challenge losing 21.4lbs as well as all of our team members on our NEXT LEVEL Elite Team.

NEXT LEVEL is a team that we have created at The Camp for those of us who seek extra training with our amazing Coach Karlos. We do additional workouts together as well a lot of outside events, such as the #CaliforniaWarrior. We are a motivated AFF (Awesome Fit Family) who push each other and support each other as we each go through our weight loss journeys and adapt to our new healthy lifestyles. 

We represent The Camp’s NEXT LEVEL Santa Maria, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Majority of us are born and raised here on the Central Coast, California is our home, we love our weather, our agriculture, our beaches, our lakes and our Santa Maria style tri-tip! 

As an AFF, we drive and motivate each other to become the athletes we once were or first- time athletes! 

Being a #CaliforniaWarrior means stepping out of our comfort zones, motivating ourselves to fight for what we want and pushing ourselves to the NEXT LEVEL!!

Carl Trujillo